Agent Alison - Artist Consultant

Freelance Art Buying

Agent Alison offers art buying and photo editing services to advertising agencies, magazines, publishing firms, design agencies and other clients.

Here are some of the advantages of working with Agent Alison for art buying:

  • Many years background as an art buyer, creative consultant, artist rep and account executive for a major stock photo agency (The ImageBank)
  • Unique experience on both the buying and selling sides of the advertising business
  • Strong awareness of current trends in visual design
  • Familiar with costs and pricing from both the client and supplier sides of the advertising business
  • Extensive knowledge of US copyright law

Agent Alison can help your business with:

  • Estimating fees and expenses for photo shoots, commissioned illustration or purchasing stock artwork
  • Recommending, coordinating, and selecting photographers, illustrators, stock agencies or other artists for your project
  • Assembling a complete creative team and handling all details, from casting and negotiations to booking and releases
  • Production management and talent coordination to keep everything running smoothly and on track
  • Ensuring that finances are maintained within budget and all expenses are substantiated
  • Understanding possible copyright issues and helping to guard your business from potential artistic legal problems
  • Re-negotiation of existing image usage agreements

Please contact for rates.

Alison Park-Douglas    Phone: 206.245.4746    Email: