Agent Alison - Artist Consultant

Consultation - Copyright Basics & Business Forms

This consultation covers two areas that are crucial for the success of any professional artist: copyright basics and important business forms.

As technology advances, the ease of image theft does as well. It is vitally important that all professional artists understand the nuances of US copyright law - what exactly it does and does not protect, and what your responsibilities are as an artist. I'll give you valuable information regarding the copyright registration process, why it is important that you register the copyright on all your images in a timely manner, and how to streamline the submission process. I will also explain exactly how vulnerable your online images are to theft, and what measures you can take to protect them. In addition, this consultation offers some history on how the 1978 Copyright Law changed the entire business of professional photography, and what this means to you specifically in terms of estimating, negotiating and pricing images for your clients.

This segues nicely into a discussion of the necessary paperwork required in running your business responsibly. I will give you a thorough overview of all the important business forms necessary for running a successful creative business. You will be given examples of all of the important business forms, and I'll answer any questions you have regarding their usage. The topics covered in this consultation are intended to give you a solid and highly valuable understanding of your legal rights and responsibilities in the visual design industry.

This consultation is 2 hours long and includes many valuable handouts.

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