Agent Alison - Artist Consultant

Consultation - Portfolio Build / Development

The Portfolio Build is a free-form, longer-term consultation. It works best following an initial Portfolio Review consultation. This consultation is ideal for the artist who wants specific, focused help and guidance in bringing their portfolio to the next level. It goes beyond the editing and sequencing of the Portfolio Review to actually work with you to create new images for your portfolio - images that speak directly to your own visual integrity and to the markets you are trying to reach.

I'll examine your creative, professional and financial goals to identify the best target markets for your unique visual style. Then, I'll look at the gaps in your image sequence and help you to develop concepts for new images to add to your portfolio. I will give you a schedule for completing the new images, and, when they are done, I'll incorporate them into your portfolio so that it reaches its full visual and creative potential. We'll specifically address the physical format of your portfolio, and if necessary, work with a book-builder to create a new, individualized portfolio that reflects your vision. At the end, you'll have an outstanding portfolio which is much more competitive in the visual marketplace, and much more effective in reaching your target markets.

This consultation consists of a series of meetings or phone calls. Your portfolio will be developed and built within a pre-arranged time frame. At the end of out initial meeting, we will determine what schedule is required to develop a competitive portfolio that specifically highlights your unique strengths and visual integrity.

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