Agent Alison - Artist Consultant

Consultation - Portfolio Review / Analysis

This is the cornerstone of all creative consultations. It covers all the basics and gives you solid valuable information about your portfolio and what you can do to improve it. An outstanding portfolio is the key to reaching clients and becoming successful in your target markets. I generally recommend that all artists start with this as their first consultation unless they have a very specific concern that is covered in another consultation that I offer.

Portfolio Reviews focus on the vision, style, editing and sequencing of your portfolio. This consultation touches on all aspects of your business - creative, marketing, financial and professional. It teaches you how to improve your portfolio, from the images to the physical book itself, and it will give you an understanding of how to market your work more successfully to your chosen field.

In this consultation, I'll go over your creative, financial and professional goals, and use that feedback to determine which markets are most suitable for your work. Your portfolio will receive a complete review. I'll analyze your portfolio in terms of its visual integrity and style, and how that applies to the markets that you want to reach. Then the portfolio will be edited and re-sequenced, and suggestions will be made on any gaps in the sequence. I will also make suggestions on the physical presentation of your portfolio. My goal is for your portfolio to be a comprehensive presentation of your unique vision that speaks directly to your target markets.

This consultation is 2 hours long. If we meet in-person, then it will be 2 continuous hours. If we are doing this consultation from a distance, then you'll mail your portfolio to me ahead of time, I'll spend an hour going over it and taking notes, then we'll talk on the phone for an hour.

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